Weekend Clear

Left my laptop at work on Friday afternoon with the clear intention of picking it up later that evening. It’s now Monday morning, and the laptop never made it home.

Not sure if anyone else out there watched it, but there was an interesting game of rugby on early Sunday morning (our time). Australia played Wales. It ended up a draw.

It was a good game. Attacking rugby, great defence, and some amazing plays. Latham again demonstrated that he is without peer at the back of the field. He caught a ball on the 22 and made it through at least 4 defenders to score down the sideline. Very cool. He’s got better momentum (leg-pumping) than a lot of forwards, and the desire to never give in.

It was sad to see George Smith not even on the bench. I get that they are experimenting. And that Phil Waugh offers leadership. I hope he’ll be back for the next test.

‘Nuff about the rugby. I’ve got work todo.


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