Letting Off Steam

I’m sitting here, in front of the latop, Saturday afternoon is slowing fading away. My bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer (Diet, whoot) is empty.

What to write about?

A faint whine starts, fizzing slightly. The bottle is empty, but I bring it up to my ear, and sure enough, there’s some of those wonderful gingery bubbles escaping.

And it takes me back to a time, not so long ago, when I used to write on the blog a lot more than I did now. I used to write most every day, and come up with some zany crazy and cool ideas about development. Lately said posts have been fewer, and farther between.

I’d say though, that it’s a seasonal thing, like the tides (seasonal?). I’ll come round again to posting a lot, it’s just I’ve settled into a groove at the moment, and it fits.

Anyway, back to the bottle.

Straight away I thought .. Why don’t we program carbonated water into our programs?

Then I thought, what the bewhillikers does that mean?

Now I’m trying to come up with an answer while writing this post. Ha ha.

What’s the purpose of carbonation? To give the drink "Fizz", which as I discovered on wikipedia, is

.. is an example of onomatopoeia, derived from the sound the multiple bubbles make together as they "pop" when they escape.

People like fizz. We know this. Without the drink itself, fizz wouldn’t be much at all. Who really likes fizzy mineral water (apart from pregnant wives who hunger for it for weeks, then suddenly cannot stand the sight of it, heh heh)?

So we have the drink. And we have the fizz.

We have our application. And we have fizz.

The fizz, in our year of 2006 and on into next year no doubt, is .. Web 2.0. It’s Ajax (still). RSS, Blogging, Wikipedia, Youtube, Myspace. It’s whatever makes people pay attention, sit up, invest money, and want to know about. It’s the hollywood of technology. The Hollyology if you will. Or the technowood (hmmm). And I reckon we need to put a little more time into jumping onto the bandwagon than staying true and pure and never listening to what direction the world at large is taking.

This means, spending an hour to think about how RSS to could be implemented into your system, to add the FIZZ that the extra percentage of people will grab a hold of. How could you morph a little of the YouTube hype, channel a little of the stupidly huge river of popularity into your own development.

I’m excited about the development world at the moment. Probably more excited than ever. We have the tools, we need the nous.

The bottle still hasn’t stopped fizzing away. Certainly, I love my non-alchoholic (less than 0.twentythreethousandth percent or something) bunderburg diet ginger beer. It’s awesome to the max.

Fizz Away People!

p.s. It’s (kind of, if you don’t count the comic posts) the 300th post! Celebrations ensue ..

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