The Ever-Morphing Butterfly

I guess that’s a misnomer. Butterfly’s don’t morph much more than they are .. well, except maybe into compost. So yeah! I’ll stick with the title. It’s a good’n.


After conversing at length (10 seconds at least) with your friendly neibourhood Workmate (John, of ClarionX fame), another change to Dev Dawn was born. I was getting concerned with the fact that the comic would change much less frequently than the (word) posts, and so, with the comic taking up all of the top space on reaching a page, it would deter anyone’s brain (even mine) from looking further.

So I whipped out the [BrainCell of Google-Powered Programming +10] and got to work. A few search entries later, and I stumbled upon a winning (thus far) toggle functionality code. Had to muck it a bit to get the comic to be hidden from the word go, but it works. Kind of.

The _kind of_ explanation needs it’s own dictionary meaning. Or wikipedia at the very least (heh). In my extensive testing (you know it wasn’t) i discovered a peculiar talent that IE has.

Even though the div holding the (many) comic divs is hidden, it continues to load the comic image along with the rest of the page. This is just how it is. However, if, in IE, you click on the Toggle switch while it’s still loading .. BURK .. it stops .. loading. Loading. (I think it was called, _The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down_).

There’s probably a very good explanation for it. But at the moment, I’ll take what I can get.


On the horizon are a few ideas brimming around, possibly like fish, glittering in the ocean, jumping above the waves, out beyond the land. Perhaps nothing will come of them, perhaps something big.

I’m becoming more aware of the ability to make things happen in reality. Too often, I’ve just gone along with what is said. And I still do it, and still will. But in certain .. _spheres_ of my life, I don’t. And in some, I’m learning how to create the waves (to carry on with a metaphor). Well. Not the waves. The fish. If you think fish are ideas waiting to be implemented into fame and fortune. Or waves. Waves could be your thing. Possibly seaweed.

Here’s the outline of my thoughts.

  1. Come up with idea.
  2. Make yourself BELIEVE
  3. Make the team BELIEVE
  4. Formulate plan of attack
  5. In any way possible, make some people BELIEVE
  6. Do the work
  7. Make more people BELIEVE
  8. Continue to make people BELIEVE
  9. Then one day, a small company like Google _will_ BELIEVE, and bam ..


As the Shepherd says to Mal .. something about belief.

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