The Reality Of Resolution

600 by 800? Or are you a 1600 by 1200 kind of nerd? I know I am.

But .. ahem. Let the pontification begin!

The real resolution I’m talking about is that beautiful event which is much needed within a work environment. Resolution of conflict, tension, undercurrents of nastiness.

Within your workplace, there will be friction. Unless you work totally by yourself, develop for yourself, and talk only with yourself, never communicating with another person. And then, you’ll probably still have friction when the compiler crashes, or the internet goes down (which in turns begs the communication with those people involved with those particular products, which defeats the purpose of bringing up this rather vacuous point).

What I’m putting forward, this almost New Year .. is that we work hard at resolving the kinks. The bumps. It’s not enough to be awesome at what you do. It’s not enough to provide direction and vision for a team. It’s not enough to just plod along.

We have to be more than this. Why? Because we will never be able to work to our fullest capabilities without resolution. Unless we rely on noone (and we know from the above argument how that ends up). So if you do rely on noone, then you might find this post a little boring, or pointless. Nay, never say pointless! Okay.

Some of us inspire. Some of us see the solution faster. Some of us organise extremely awesomely. And all of us are a team. When one part of the team is in conflict (i’ll use this to cover most everything, not just anger towards a particular group member, but any issue, outside or in), we can no longer operate at our best. We are put together for relationships, so when something is slightly off, we internally know. Subconsciously i guess might be a better description.

So for the betterment of the team, we need to put aside our work, and our ability to ignore anything that means we move out of the nice little bubble we got going for us; we need resolution. Whether that is going to the boss. Whether it’s talking to the person. Whether it’s just kicking back (this can be a viable option) and just taking the group to the movies or ten-pin bowling .. or playing the Wii together (what! that’s a viable option).

Sometimes _time_ is what’s needed. So it’s not enough to fix the problem right now (what i generally try to do) .. we might need to slowly work away, tirelessly. Saying hello, making not-work time, or even more .. just being interested.

Now i’m straying into sillyness (spl intended) i think. Work is work. Part of being a team is binding together. That’s what i’m trying to say. Resolution is an important part of teamwork. The ability to bind and grow despite the differences, some of which might never go away.

Cheers, and to all a wonderful JOYFUL New Year!

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