In A Big Balloon

Capesoft have begun advertising their 2007 World Tour, and it is gonna be Kickin!

Last year at the Aussie Dev Con, they tore the place up. Mickey Mouse Hands, Practical Development, Mickey Mouse Hands, Using Various Capesoft products, Mickey Mouse Hands .. awesome.

And this year they look set to do it again. Only bigger. Better.

In a nutshell the goal of the 2007 World Tour is to make the event the most productive week of your whole year.

And let me just say, there is no doubting the benefits of attending workshops led by Bruce, Jonno, and Geoff (Hi Geoff, we have yet to meet .. but don’t worry, I only headbutt and tight-head-pop the people i like).

There are people who have trouble connecting with the audience. There are people who don’t have one-on-one communication skills. And there are people who don’t like being up the front, but are pushed up there.

The Boyz (and Girlz I presume, Hi Capesoft Girlz) from Capesoft are none of these. They facilitate _thought_. And this is what makes it such an awesome experience.

One important ability is to excite people again about something they might not be so interested in. It’s been ten years of development, without a big win. Code is getting sloppy, you’re caring little about maintenance. It’s just small bug-fixes being pushed out the door. Come along to the Capesoft World Tour!

You will be challenged and encouraged .. and .. like Mel’s William Wallace bringing passion to the hearts of Scotsman everywhere, the Capesoft Crew will scream about Freedom and Telling The Englishmen ..

And you will believe them.

This is, in the end, the greatest ability a speaker of any sort can have. To make you believe. Belief in whatever it is they are talking about. Steve and his new phone, Watching Clark drop dirt onto his dad’s coffin, white and black so sharply defined (okay, that’s for smallville nerds only), watching a bloke at the front put on big white gloves and tell you that his (their) products will help you be better at what you do.

That’s belief.

But, as is true in life, you probably will have to see to believe. Unless by some freak of chance my words have helped you _believe_. That, or the faint whisper of Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah in the background, swelling to crescendo as the plot lines resolve in tragedy.


Finally, on a different pimping note .. Rasp version 0.1 Beta was released last night. It’s my third app of the last week, which is pretty sweet. I’m stopping for a while, even though there are a few more in the wings. I’ve an idea to further enhance the core functionality of all Archer (need to get a shorter business name) apps.

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