Just for the uninitiated, the title is a homage to the wonderful Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld

Joomla is a lot of fun. The more I delve beneath it’s archaic exterior, the more I like it. It has what I need at this point in time.

I’d _like_ to have everything ajax-i-fied.

I’d _like_ to get some cool prototype-ee image functionality going on.

I’d _like_ to have people start visiting my site (ha ha).

But I don’t need that stuff at the moment. What I need is what Joomla provides. A great way for me to add content and not have to worry so much about presentation. It takes care of what is showing on the front page. Joomla handles what the Forums are up to (nothing yet), and gives me stats like page visits etc, easily findable.

Definately, when the time comes, I’ll upgrade. There’s a new version of Joomla arriving. Perhaps it’ll be that.

Dev Dawn has had a little tweak here and there. I’ve put back some more posts to read on the front page. Along with a bit of css to allow distinguishing the posts, and a bit of extra info (date/time).

I’ve still got to get my third product out tonight (Rasp). Won’t be long. Just have to add Icons to the buttons, the Help File (and File menu link), and the About window. Then package it up (along with the beta licence) and bamf. Upload. Post on site. Post on forum.

What’s been bothering me today is hard to express.

I’m looking for ways to get the word out about Archer Technology Services (ATS from here on in), and the products. My first thought (good/bad .. not sure) was the blogosphere. A lot of other people seem to become semi-famous through use of it. So why not me?

Well. Because. That’s why.

The only way I could think of that wouldn’t require me to abase myself to the Never-Wrong gods of Slashdot and Digg was this .. send out special invitations to a number of blogs to review the software. More specifically. Every blogger gets invited to review two out of the three (currently) existing pieces of software for ATS.

Importantly, in the invite email, the list of bloggers invited is included. The hope would be that those who were too big to care, would see that others of their calibre (in Blog-Kingdom Heirarchy) were invited too. Not sure if it would work. Possibly.

Anyway. I’m still out-to-lunch on the matter. There are other ways. I can contact actual software review sites. Visit mirc channels. Post on other people’s blogs. Go to seminars. Send out emails.

Plus, there’s the (shock) real world interaction too. Telling people at work, at church .. maybe even stopping people on the street, although that might not be a good idea around here, specially after dark (ha ha).

Anyway, the tiredness is creeping in, and i really want to get Rasp done tonight.

Fare thee well

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