Silence .. "Crickets Chirriping"

Yes. Chirriping.

It seems in a few months I’ll be presenting at the Clarion Aussie Dev Con.

Silence. Crickets .. Chirriping.

Can’t wait .. I’m thinking of speaking on the importance of Rugby in development. Or how the Wii will change the Clarion developer’s life forever. Or perhaps even this .. Why World of Warcraft 2 will be written in Clarion. All of it. Even the graphics.

Or not.

Should be a blast. We’re getting quite excited about the conference, and look forward to seeing familiar (from last year’s .. not sure if the apostrophe goes there) faces, and new noggins too.

Yesterday (Saturday) we were at friends, and our car sat without cover for about nine hours, six of which were in the full blast of a crazy-hot day. Sitting in a pew this morning, i reach into the kid’s Church Bag for their crayons, only to discover .. the bottom of the bag had become infused with a layer of wax. All but a few of the two boxes of crayons were melted, and those that were left .. they were tiny-fied.

This got me thinking (how?) .. some things in life are unstoppable. If you stick crayons in the sun, they will melt (unless there’s some new type of crayon with anti-heat-freeze molecules. But (and this is a pretty flimsy connection), acceptance of certain truths makes us better at what we do.

Microsoft have lots of money. So do Google. Steve Jobs creates a vortex of "i believe what you’re saying" around himself. Power comes from money. Yeah, we all know Ajax has been around since before the wheel. And sometimes it’s okay to jump on the bandwagon .. because you could be hitching yourself to a wagon that’s heading for the city of gold (which in the end, if that cartoon I watched as a kid was right, wasn’t really a city of gold. The first one at least).

I accept people aren’t going to be magically interested in any software I create. So I’m thinking up ways to bask in the juggernaut (any juggernaut, except maybe Cain Marko) that is the sun and it’s white-hot rays. Even if it’s just to gain some momentum. Or melt some crayons. Wow .. this is analogy is really hard to pull together. It’s just not happening.

I guess what it boils down to is this. The sun melts stuff. By myself, I couldn’t melt crayons half as well as the sun. I’m going to use the sun to help me out.

Substitute any company, technology, .. in for the word "sun". Oh .. and change "melt crayons" to describe the action you’re trying to make happen. Ha ha.


Well, I think that’s enough crazy-talking for one night.

p.s. Today’s links were brought to you by that herald of all things truth (it’s all of it true, every last word) .. Wikipedia. You can trust it completely, after all, everyone in the world get’s to help out writing it, so if you throw a million articles together from a million people, each of them changing a million other articles, surely truth comes out on top? (lame attempt at witty sarcasm)

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