Seriously? 3am?

Man alive, it’s crazy time again.

Usually, I’m well aware that I’ve stayed up late. Tonight though, I’ve only just realised, after finishing a big few hours of focussed work.

Check it out, It’s undergone a couple of big changes. Not to bore you, I’ll keep them quick.

1. Found an image mambot for Joomla that implemented "lightbox", which is a funky pseudo window viewer. Have a squiz at this link.

2. Redid the Product pages. Each of them has six i think. The last page (for each of them), called "Vision", was a masterstroke. Ha ha. A foolish attempt that will probably get pulled down sometime in the near future no doubt.

Anyway. Was a productive night tonight, even though my initial aim was to work out why I can’t get see my installed Thawte Certificate with Safe Uploader. Looks like that will move to tomorrow night.

Done for the nonce, will hopefully post something .. fuller .. tomorrow.


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