The Blizzard Road

I’m taking the Blizzard road.

I _could_ have released Rasp 0.3 tonight. A great deal of the functionality is in there. But.

The polish isn’t there. The Help documentation isn’t updated to reflect the new functionality. Some small additions haven’t gotten in. Things I wanted for this version.

So I haven’t released a Rasp build tonight. I’d like to think tomorrow night, but am not sure. A part of me wants to forgo worrying about something as big/trivial as the Help Docs.

Then I remember my mindset a month ago, when I started this caper. It’s not a race. My products are growing. They have a good foundation. The functionality is clean. And I want to build on this with professionalism.

Sure, I’m going to get stuff wrong, and forget, and be lazy. But I’d like to stamp out as much as I can now, and as the experience grows, continue to refine my practices and code.


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