The Wall, I’ve Passed Through It A Few Times

Well. The next version of Rasp is done! Whooot. Seriously, it’s awesome. But it’s also 4.30 am. But

But ..

It’s going to be another night. I’m not going to release it without the Help being updated. Sure, I’d like for the program to be simple enough for people to just pick up and use .. and it is I believe .. but not having a Help file up to date sends a message I’m not willing to send at this stage in the game.

So be ready! Tomorrow night .. for sure!

It’s going to be a hard road tomorrow, but it’s worth it.

Oh. I’m also considering putting my Freight system up on the Archer site. The 4th product. It’s already done, and is a handy program in it’s own right. It’ll also come with both an up-front and monthly cost.

I do want to rewrite it from scratch one day, but not just now. Ha ha .. things are winding up.

Been watching Heroes. I’ve been swept away into their world of almost-magic. It’s pretty sweet. X-Men without the spandex. But more. It’s an amalgamation of all things awesome. Story-writing. Comics. Fantasy. Characters. Interweaving of plotlines, _intelligently_. Good stuff.

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