Why Gliffy Still Works For Me

Earlier this week I needed a simple image done, and my wonderfully mostly incompetant memory reminded me of Gliffy.

Gliffy was a great little online app. Actually, not so much _little_ as _simple_. A paired-down flash for drawing.

Visiting the site I logged straight in (without bothering too much to read the frontpage, except to notice the small fact that they had introduced "premium" accounts.

Hmff said my brain, "continue" in it’s robotic voice.

It was only upon logging in that I realised the trap.

All my documents would now be public. I’d created many more than three. Three is an important number, for many reasons. For Gliffy, it’s the number of "private" documents you can create on a free account.

Now, let me explain. No, there is to much. Let me sum up (ahhh, Inigo. I can’t wait for the next season of Criminal Minds).

On the outset, the idea of my drawings automatically being public scared the willies out of me. Why?

It’s just inbuilt. I (and I suspect most of we) want our creations to be private, and then let _us_ choose what goes public.

So I logged off. The robotic voice in my head was loud. "I’m NEVER coming back here again."

Famous robotic last words .. stupid brain.

The people behind Gliffy have stumbled onto a very cool shift from "We’ll only let you create 5 documents on your free account", or "You’ll only be able to see the latest 20 of your documents on your free account".

They know I want to control the private/public flag on my drawings.

And they’re gonna suck me in.

This morning I decided that some images would actually be good public. Images I didn’t mind other people seeing, or actually wanted other’s to see. Strangers.

So I’m back! Not premium (yet), but using.

‘Nuff for now,  compiling has finished.

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