5 Reasons To Begin A Clarion Blog

To begin PimpMyClarion’s entry into this world, I thought it fitting to examine Origins.

1. Clarion Is An Awesome Tool

Make no mistake. There is not another tool in the market that can give you what Clarion offers. – Easy Data manipulation via the Dictionary and FM3. – Powerful Template language (think Modding for the Non-Gaming application) – Some of the best 3rd Party Developers around (who make products like FM3, Handy Tools and NetTalk, just to name a few). – You can put together a simple app in minutes, but in a few hours, you can put together an Ass-Kicking piece of Data Manipulation genius.

2. Clarion 7 Is Around The Corner

It’s in Alpha testing right now. And whatever that means, it is better than not. Clarion 7 is going to change everything. In what direction remains to be seen, but I’m gonna battle on the side of .. Laziness. Clarion 7 is going to enable me, a Clarion programmer, to _know_ .NET. Not only that. The new IDE looks to bring about something I’ve longed for. A swanky editor where I can <ctrl>backspace and other new-fangled pieces of functionality. It’s also going to bring an influx of new blood.

3. People Read Opinions

The new blood is going to want to see life. It’s going to want to see people who are pushing forward with the outside world. Clarion is going to need opinions, and that’s where we (ha ha) come into the picture. Not to be left out, there are plenty of opinions to be found on the newsgroups, but ..

4. The Community Needs More Than Newsgroups

Newsgroups are pretty cool. But not as cool as newsgroups + blogs + wiki + <whatever new dream is realised next>. These things together are going to grow the community. That’s what we are about.

5. Because I Can Do It

Finally. The last reason is a simple one. I’ve created PimpMyClarion because I can. That’s about as good a reason as any in the end. People will agree or disagree. They’ll come or they won’t. But you are here. So cheers! If you’d like to know more about Clarion, I suggest (at this point in time) that you visit,

a. The Newsgroups, at news.softvelocity.com (comp.lang.clarion is the main)

b. sites like ClarionMag, Capesoft, Handy Tools, ClarionShop, StrategyOnline, ClarionX, Tom Ruby and lastly (hopefully getting a revamp soon) is SoftVelocity.

c. Email me, stu (at) pimpmyclarion (dot) com

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