The Sleeper Awakes

Greetings my fellow earthicons.

I’ve been absent, it’s true. Many and varied have been the adventures experienced. Terrifying aliens, quantam light infarction travel, mega phaser guns, and killer drop-bears.

It’s true. I have been absent. But not without excuses. I have a hundred of them. The alien’s pet raptor-like-creature ate my work. I grew tired of meaningless programming when my brain was wired into the Borgmind. My kids needed the computer. The cockroaches took over our house. The Aliens with the pet Psuedo-Raptor came and ate the computer.

One of the reasons is .. Pimp My Clarion. I’ve released it just tonight, with posts that will go every day or so (timestamped to appear). It’s taken a while, mostly because at the end I decided to change hosting to Media Temple.

I have gotten through a big piece of functionality for Rasp. The last major piece for the next release is going to be harder I fear. Custom Content Pages. Basically a File created by Rasp, HTML (most probably). 

But along with this, there are other changes afoot. And more.

Aussie DevCon is arriving within the month. I’ve been preparing my talk for a while, but it’s still just points and notes. Lots of chopping and changing. Crazy ideas, firing one after the other make it hard to string stuff together normally. Have to go _monk_ (Zoolander ref.). Or, better, have to strip out all the crud and focus on the single purpose of what I’m talking about. Then fill it with better crud. :).

Alrighty, nuff for the mo.

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