Respect and Honour For The Horde!

Okay, so the title is some wierd amalgum of Tauren cheers in World of Warcraft. Heh.


I realised that my post on Monday (see here) could have been taken in a manner which I did not intend at all.

I was raised to respect my elders and those around me. Elders, Peers, Siblings :).

I have great respect for all the work that has been done over the lifetime of Clarion, given to helping people on the forums, putting websites together full of information, email support. It’s a great community wherein the majority of people are only too happy to help.

So please don’t think that I hold a grudge against "The Community Man" or that I wish to have massive change happen. I’m not a young gun, full of his own self-importance. Well, at least, most of the time :). I hope i’m not.

It’s a wonderful privilege to be part of the Clarion Community. Sometimes I do get cross or frustrated with certain aspects of the Community. But this doesn’t take away from how much work people have and are putting into it within the conduits we have (newsgroups, websites, emails ..).

So I guess this is a shoutout to the Community. A respectful shoutout to everyone who’s helped further the community in whatever way.


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