A Super Heroes Guide To Development – 4. Holy Catchphrase RadMan!


4. Holy Catchphrase RadMan!

What are some well-known Catchphrases?

"Up! Up! and Away!"

Tarzan cry

"Hulk Smash!"

"Flame On!"

"It’s clobbering time!"

"Are You Having A Laugh?"

Crafting a memorable catchphrase is very important to the life of a Developer.

Having a simple catchphrase can be the difference between having a great product, and having a great product that is on people’s lips.

Can you envisage your catchphrase in general conversation?

At this point, I’d like to encourage some audience participation.

Let say, for example, that you and your company build software for the medical industry. The software does funky stuff, collating info at the surgery and sending it up to a super duper big hive-mind db.

I’m going to start us off with a few catchphrases .. but then I’d like to give you all the floor for a few minutes to come up with some more .. yell them out, speak softly .. whatever floats your boat.

"Big Brother Was A Lie"

"Saving Lives, Saving Data"

"Fixed Up Good"

"Practice What You Leech"

[at end]

If nothing else, making a Catchphrase will get you to examine what it is you do.

Get yourself a Catchphrase!

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