Aussie Devcon 2007 .. Part 4 (Sunday Content)

I’ve left this too late. It’s now over a week gone, and my brain has already filled up and pushed out a lot of short-term memories of the DevCon. Ha ha.

I didn’t attend any of the .NET seminars on Sunday. Church beckoned. But I did return later for a little of the community time.

Brett very kindly recorded the .NET session for me (cheers brother!). There’s a ClarionMag Article (rego required)  that covers important points. The prospect of taking notes to the talk doesn’t really fill me with excitement. I should have done it last week.

However, I’m going to put the audio files on the Download page. You can then listen to your heart’s content.

The Community Session was .. okay. Again, I missed some of it, right when the going was getting good. I think there are positive signs within the community. People are starting to understand what it takes to become successful as a group. Some have known it for a long time I’m sure. Others just won’t get it.

Tony (York) and Geoff (Spillane) are going to be putting together a Community Website. I’m not sure of the makeup, but from the session, it will begin with a listing of developers. I think. Let me know if I got that wrong.

Then it was almost time for the end. Bob handed out prizes to people, and good fun was had by all. Specially the raucous behavious towards the back in the third seat. Entirely by cooincidence that was where Bruce, Jono and myself were sitting.

The conference was a huge success. People came together. It was a good time. We laughed and joked. We were serious and strained our brains. We felt bad. And I’m sure there was a little bit of crazy floating about. Singing and wotnot.

I’ll leave my verbose and rambling thoughts for the next post.

Apologies for the lack of content in this post. If anyone has notes they would like to have posted up here, let me know. Or if there’s more blog links then let me know. I’ll linkage it.

Speaking of linkage, Richard Bryce has put up his breakdown of the conference on his blog.

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