Aussie Devcon 2007 .. Part 5 (Concluding Thoughts)

Okay. Here goes.

Anyone who’s been viewing the comp.lang.clarion newsgroup lately probably noticed The Thread That Took Over The World. It’s probably not the biggest, and probably not the most annoying.

Bruce, I’m going somewhere with this .. ha ha.

I should have done these last two posts before getting involved. Or probably shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place. Because now I’m in a different mindset.

Clarion 7 Release

Simple. You’re not going to see it next week.

Let’s get over that. Move on.

The People

The conference gave encouragement to many, many people. It wasn’t just because we got to talk to Bob Z and see Clarion 7. That was great. And that alone gave a lot of people hope.

There was a sense of comraderie. I had numerous conversations with people, about a whole range of stuff. We discussed raising children, rugby, music. We talked about the number of installs they have, and what kind of work they do. Topics ebbed and flowed. Politics, George Bush, the US .. and there was even a smattering of religion.

There was laughter. Bruce gives a great seminar. Whatever he’s doing.

There was mending of rifts. At least, for me there was. Well, probably not so much mending .. but approaching and getting a conversation started. Discovering what the other people had been doing. What they liked. How the were enjoying (or not) the conference. There wasn’t a rift as a "I don’t really know you". And that’s easily fixed. Take the time to listen when someone talks. Whether online or in person.

So for me, and thusly for my postings, the Conference was mostly about the People. And what a great People time it was!


Thankyou Tony!

Tony did a marvellous and exceptional job. The level of organisation (and thinking on his feet when presented with large mountain obstacles) was superb.

Tony, take a bow. Thankyou for your effort. It is very much appreciated.

There you have it.

Cheers, and next we’ll have my talk broken down into point-posts. With comics. Yay.

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