New Blog From Bob Z

There’s a new post up from Bob, Five Designers For 4 Platforms.

It gives you a straight up view of the designers. Windows, Reports, WinForms, Compact Forms, and Web Forms.

They are pretty similar, which is what the team has strived for from very early in the piece (as Bob says). You will find that they all work in a similar manner. That means learn one to learn them all.

It’s good to see screenshots of Clarion 7. What this means for release dates and such I have no idea. I’m sure some people will complain that Bob has just posted fluff. It might be fluff, but most people want to see a bit of fluff. It is the communication that is so often asked for.

Here we have screenshots, we have the CEO (or whatever title Bob holds) talking directly to us. He’s giving us a bangup look at what we’ll be working in, what newbies will wander around in when they get their first play with the new clarion. And that is good.

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