Barney and The Todd

What if Barney (from How I Met Your Mother) and The Todd (from Scrubs) found each other.

If the universe didn’t implode with all the awesomeness, then this pairing would make for some spectacular adventures.

We have two of the craziest characters invented for modern telly. Not as generally crazy as Kramer, very specifically focused. But imagine .. Barney and The Todd as each other’s wing men. Crazy.

That’s not to say I find the use of these characters in the show a little annoying. Barney especially, in season two of the show, was at once a sharp and witty connoisseur of dialogue coupled with a guy who came out with the lame cardboard one liners. It seemed like they lost their way with him for a few of the episodes, cannon fodder material.

Also, he’s been overused I feel. Barney is definately one of the coolest cats around, story wise. He can break you in half with laughter. The best Barney is out of the blue. If he’s sitting around, you can mostly tell when a Barney setup is coming.

What I love about How I Met Your Mother is that they surprise you and travel in other directions. The writers continue to show that they know sitcoms, and aren’t wrapped up in their own cliches.

The sensory depravation unit was a stroke of pure genius. And there have been many others. The listening to 500 Miles in the car trip. Classic.

The Todd .. not so sure. He’s one dimensional, but that’s what makes him funny.

I think with the loss of Laverne, the show suffered. Some of the best lines were with the Todd and Laverne ("I’m upgrading you to a Yes because you’re feisty").

Anyway, ending this very opinionated post now.

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