Crackle Will Snap You Pop

Oh the tears. This video from the Grouper site is just that funny. I’m not sure what Crackle is .. but a simple google search would probably fix that.

But it makes me wonder. What if some of these big web and desktop entities were objects? Better yet, what if they were Transformers?

Smells like someone with good comic skills should draw something up. I would, but the prerequisite was _good_. Might still give it a shot.

Last night I got some very nice work done on the current Clarion after hours project. Finally got somewhere with Insight Graphing and the NetTalk WebServer engine. I’m still struggling to understand some things .. but managed to get further than before.

One of the coolest things about this project, I’ve mentioned it before, it’s a personal banking helper system (online) .. is that the data is very meaningful.

Last night I fed in 9 months of bank transactions. That’s quite a nice chunk of information. And to be able to range and filter it in a meaningful way. Awesome.

For example, I can now see the exact amount of "Cash Outs" within any date period, in graph form. And there’s a good choice of graph types to choose from. Line, Scatter, Time, Pareto, Pie, Column (?) .. and probably some more.

Of course, graphing is so dependant on the context. A set of data will fit one type of graph really awesomely, but another it will suck.

So my job for the next while is to get a lot of different data sets happening.

The way I’m coming up with them (the data sets for reporting / graphing) is really simple. What do I want to know about my finances? Of course there will be a lot more than I know about .. but it’s a good start.

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