Finally, Live Writer Upgrades

Okay. It’s been a while.

Thankfully, it looks like it’s been a good wait. I’m thinking after posting a while in the new Live Writer Beta (2)?? I’ll do a review. But initially, it’s good.

One very cool thing ..

Setting the publish date steps Live Writer one more .. step .. in the direction of being a functional offline blogging tool. You can write and write and write .. and by setting the publish date, I’ll not have to go into the wordpress admin panel in my browser.


Okay, one more thing. This is _very_ cool.

Check it. Now when you insert a picture, you can select one from the web. This is simple, but powerful. I mean, think about it. Now .. you are no longer limited by the mind’s splitting the desktop and the web. This brings them together. If you see an image on the web, you can snag it. Nice. Of course, there are copyright/legal things .. but ahhhh .. the beauty.

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