Just been watching a new Silent Witness episode. There’s a new cop guy character, who in this episode qualifies for the over-acting award.

I’m wondering if anyone ever does much OverActing in real life. Over RE-acting sure, I do that all the time. But over-acting .. something quite different.

I imagine it’d be a lot like the Brick (Steve Carrell) character in Anchorman.

Now can you see what I’m saying?


That kind of thing. Talking normally then raising the bar at strange and wonderful moments.

You could burst into tears and then .. in an inexplicable change of character, clench your fist and pound the wall at the injustice of there being no more chocolate biscuits left in the office kitchen.

Another classic effort would be to wait around to corner at home time (in the work office, naturally), watching as everyone piles into the lift .. then when the doors are closing, race around the corner, screaming and yelling that you must get on the lift. This has to be timed perfectly .. you have to do it when there’s absolutely no way they can stop the lift .. and you have to bodily crash into the doors. Then get up, brush your pants, and smile.

As I’m writing this benign splurg of imagination, it’s quite easy to see that over-acting goes on all the time. Contrary to my thoughts at the top of the post. It might not be Steve Carrell or Ricky Gervais (yeah, both of them play the greatest over-actor in the lead char of the Office) .. but it still happens.

So, on monday, take a step back from work life and try and see just what over-acting goes on. Note it down. Post it on a blog. Maybe even comment here.

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