The Future Rarely Listens To Me

Was just reading this post, I had some big plans earlier in the year.

I guess they are still alive, just barely. I’d still like to create software and sell it myself.

You know the biggest problem i faced?

It was the selling part. The simple act of knowing that people can now buy my stuff.

Getting the shop together on the website wasn’t hard, it needs a bit of work, but that’s straight-forward. And deciding on prices .. same. These are just decisions. I’d gotten a PayPal account, which would take care of security.

But the idea that people could soon be paying for these products seemed ludicrous to me. I mean, i’d barely spent two months on the three (DeleteThem, SecretKeep and Rasp) from conception to where they are now. And of the three, Rasp is the only one really worth much.

I guess it will always be a problem. Worry that the site is lame, that the presence will be unprofessional, that the company name is waaay too long.

So, the future rarely and barely listens to me. That’s not bad. It’s just interesting to look back even 6 months and see how much has changed.

Man i forget a lot of stuff. The price of being a hype-monkey i suspect.

I need a little less hype, a little more action.

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