The School / University Question

I’m sure many people will have thought through this question before.

I believe that part of the future success of Clarion will come from establishing a presence within the schools and universities/colleges/tafes etc.

Again, there would be a lot of people who have thought this in the past, and may have tried to make it happen.

I have a simple idea to start the ball rolling.

Grab a video camera, and possibly a camera-man (or just use yourself and question asker and camera man), and travel to the institutions around. This only really works in unis and the like. Not sure of the privacy thing with schools.

You wander the grounds, probably locating yourself specifically near the computer science buildings, and start asking questions.

What questions are these?

Here’s one way I see it panning out.

Hi there. I’m conducting a software development survey.

We’re researching a particular product today.

It’s called Clarion.

Have you heard of Clarion?

And so on.

Of course, you’d have to do a choose your own adventure on the answers.

If Yes .. Pump fist with a Leyton "COME ON!!"

If No .. Ask the person to kindly put on a helmet that has "Indoctrinating Machine" sticky-taped to it’s front.

That kind of thing.

This will raise awareness of Clarion, especially if you do it with a little panache. Serious. But panache. Because we want people to ask the question ..

What Is The Clarion ..


I mean, "What Is Clarion?".

.. and we want them to find answers.

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