The Stealing Brain

Last week, our garage was broken into. Now .. we live in a block of 10 apartments (we’re number 10 .. whoot).

Our garage is underground, and you have an electronic roller door as the guardian to our car dungeon.

Not only that, but unit number 10 gets a special batcave. We have our own electronic roller door, on a rather nice and large car hold (ha ha .. moe (Simpsons) gets me every time with that line). There’s a bunch of boxes full of assorted stuff stacked at the end of our carhold. Decided one word was better than two.

Last week, when the Thieves (decided they were important enough for a capital, as you’ll see down the page) broke in, they smashed the windows of two other cars. Then, I can only imagine with the strength of ten tigers, or hulk smashing, or a proton energy pill .. they reefed open our garage door, like you rip open a tin of sardines. Well, almost like that.

Anyway, our nice new (9 months) people mover was in the garage. They left it unmolested. They also did not seem to have touched a single item of stacked boxes, computer game cases, plastic boxes, boxes .. and a big not-working airconditioner.

There really is nothing of value in there. Except my skateboard. Ahhh the memories.

This morning, as I was saying goodbye to the family, the police stepped out of the lift.

Turns out that a replica moment was enacted last night. Can’t be sure if it was the same hooligans .. whoops, Thieves .. but they broke the windows on the same car as last time (one of them at least), and the peeled back our now-damaged door again.

This time however, they really got stuck into the boxes and so forth at the back of our carhold. It’s messy now. Real messy.

I’m very smart though. You see, for the past few months, the twin fluorescent lights in our car room haven’t been working that well. The light is very dim.

See my plan. By being lazy, I have hindered the Thieves. If they could have seen by the bright snazzy normal fluro light, perhaps they could have found something, or been more organised.

As it is, they had to take stuff out into the real lights to see what was inside. And they only managed to take one bag outside.

Fortunately for us, not so for them, it contained nothing more than fake jewelry and my old baby clothes.

Apart from a slight concern now that it’s premeditated crime (the first could have been opportunistic), I have to wonder ..

Let’s hit up this place again. Maybe this time the junk in the back of their Carhold will have drugs, or real jewelry, or computer parts we can sell for drugs. Or whatever it is we want.

How about this. We’ll go through their stuff this time, but for the second time, we’ll leave their new car alone. Not only that, but we won’t break into cars that are actually expensive looking, we’ll target middle of the range cars.

I’m afraid I don’t really understand the stealing brain. But then, that’s okay.

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