The Troubadour

I haven’t seen a good troubadour character (in stories) for a while.

The last one I can distinctly remember on telly was in Gilmore Girls. Now that show used to be something ..

Ahem. The travelling minstrel, the wanderer, is a great character to use in stories. Especially noise media, movies, theatre, tv, even radio i suspect. You get a live onstage person. You can counterpoint what the characters are saying at that time with some music from the troubadour.

You couldn’t overuse the troubadour. Like i’m overusing troubadour the word. Troubadour. But in normal doses, they are a powerful tool in the creator’s arsenal.

Speaking of arsenal .. has anyone on the planet watched posh spice’s new tv show and thought "Now, I wish I could watch more of this classic telly!". Actually, I guess there would be some people who thought that. Not me alas.

See, not knowing much of the posh spice world, and even though she is plastered across magazines and telly and the like, there was still an aura of .. grace. Or something closely resembling it. Maybe not that good, but cool and calm.

Then out comes this paris wannabe show and crushes that into dust. Then sweeps it out into a hurricane. There shouldn’t be room in the world for more than one or two crazy blonde women doing lame "i’m so dumb" impressions for the millions of adoring fans.

Bit of a rant. Got sidetracked from the troubadour.

I’ve been thinking of getting back into the comic drawing thing. It takes a lot of time. But still, is worth it I think.

Am trying to remember the situations I used to get in when playing Bards Tale. "Mapping My Way Home", hacking the numbers so that my monk (or whatever he was) had negative sixty-five thousand hitpoints, checking every single wall panel for a secret door. Good times. Good times.

Anyway, just have to think of some logical Funny, and there would be a couple of good comics in those memories.

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