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Out of Rocky and Rambo, who would win?

At first, you’d think without a doubt Rambo. I mean, the guy has an arsenal of weapons that Rocky’s fists cannot compete with.

He also has some of Rocky’s grit and pluck and courage. Actually, quite a bit. I seem to remember leeches and electricity and Rambo surviving with enough strength to beat the living daylights out of many bad guys.

On the other hand, take Rambo and put him in Rocky’s world, and he’s just another big weapon-wielding crazy man. Rocky is beloved of the people. He’s the underdog. That has to count for something.

In the end though, it would be You (and me) who would win.

I mean, Stallone V. Stallone .. does it get any better?

Of course it does. You could have a many-way. Throw in Commando, Judge Dredd, Wesley from Demolition Man, and possibly the Dolph Lungren Punisher. Classic 80’s (I know, some of them weren’t made then) action.

It’d depend on location I would think. Once again, out of all of them, Rocky is the only one who is loved in a widespread fashion by the people .. and as is always the case, the people win out in the end (the underground folk in Demolition Man showed that there’s always someone being oppressed, the underdog .. and Rocky is, as said, the greatest underdog in movie history).

My pick is Rocky. Because of the populace. They would vote. Because fighting always comes down to popularity and voting. Doesn’t it? Or is that politics?

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