Action Station!

There’s movement at the Clarion Station!

First. This is good for the community.

Second. I’m talking about the news as per a few hours ago. Bob Z has blogged that Clarion 7 will be released (in it’s current, I think, form) to the CSP (Core Subscription) peeps.

This is action. Movement. Even if SV has a long way to go, it doesn’t matter right now. They are delivering to the community. Sure, it’s to a secluded section. Sure, it’s not a gold release. Sure, it might be half-baked.

I care not.

And I imagine there’s more than a few individuals with me.

SV (Soft Velocity) is doing something. It’s public. It’s action. Can I say that any more?

Of course, I’m a hype-monkey. It’s been said before. No denying this. But even people who have far greater clarity and wisdom than me have said that at this stage in the game, action is good. They gain negatively by doing nothing. But now, they are doing something.

And it is good.

‘Nuff Said, more later.

Congrats to the Team at Soft Velocity

from this end of the Community!

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