How To Evanglise Clarion (3) .. Convert One Unbeliever

That’s it. Easy. Convert one person to the glorious life of a Clarionite.

Let’s say I convert an unsuspecting almost nerd to the joys of Clarion. That’s one more person for the community who could become the next president of Soft Velocity.

But let’s say that one hundred people in the community each get one newb into the community. Think of it!

I’m currently working on one particular individual. Not a programmer, but has the mind for it I think.

It’s all about the sell. When I’m talking to someone about Clarion, I _believe_. Doesn’t really matter for this particular instance whether I actually think Clarion is the bees knees .. but for the purpose of the conversation the display of belief matters very much.

Sure, the best way is to show how good it is at making money. Yeah, I’ve heard it said, and I do think that’s right.

No. That’s the best way to get a particular type of person to use Clarion.

The best way period, is as with everything else in our world. Establish a trend, get talismanic leader, and iconic speaker/personality (or a few of them), make big noises, take the fight to the other communities.

But this post isn’t about my ranting.

It’s about the idea that to effectively evangelise Clarion, we need to convert one unbeliever.

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