Is Connect, Is Good

A lot has happened since we met.

The Springboks won the World Cup. Okay, Bruce, Jono, Geoff, and all the rest of you .. Kudos. I’ll just say that once.


Anyway, other stuff happened too. We moved out and in. We spent an inordinate amount of time moving boxes and making storage in places where no storage existed. We also managed to keep 4 kids alive and not go totally insane. ALSO, managed to squeeze in the new Heroes eps. Totally wack.

The internet is back. But in a far weaker and diluted form. The exchange nearest to us isn’t ADSL2+’d through my internet provider. I’m a loyal fan, so I went back to 1500/256.

It’s stretching my loyalty. Going from awesome in a bottle to a piece of sand wrapped in crab poo. I know, I know .. a few years back and this was blazingly fast. Doesn’t change the fact that once you have water from Urd’s well, it’s hard to go back to plebian sewage.

Yes. I’m a little steamed.

Speaking of Steam .. Valve rules. Almost as much as Blizzard. Possibly more. Depending on where I’m at, which game I’m playing.

Okay. Onto the development. My current distance from works means I no longer can afford to do everything. Stay up late, walk to work, spend time with fam, watch telly .. something has to give. And so far, it’s been nighttime work. Which bites.

It more than bites.

So I’m putting into place some disciplines that I hope will enable me to do the best with the time available.

Jaymoe is such an awesome project. The Ext rebuild (version 2 of Jaymoe) is taking it’s time. Mostly because I haven’t had a good few hours to spend on it since before we moved. Things should settle down.

But yes, Jaymoe. It’s the way of the future. Or at least, what is behind it is.

Enough said, for the moment. Hope this missive finds you all well and hale and hearty.

May the Wallabies become good again.

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