Mambling Rambling

Now that I commute to work, there has been a rather large shift in my habits.

Before the move, I lived a block from where I worked. I could come home for lunch. I could arrive back in the afternoon, spend a couple of hours with the family, and work for at least 4 hours a night.

That has all changed. All destructed.

Commuting (plus the sun rising and the kids) means I get up at 6.30 ish. I get home 5.30ish. By 10.30, or even 9.30 at night, I’m bushwhacked.

This has cut seriously into my work habits. Blogging is a real pain. For a number of reasons. I’m tired. That makes it hard to come up with stuff that’s not lame. Or that’s interesting. It’s also hard to find the time. I started out this week thinking I could blog for 1/2 hour at the start of working. That never happened.

All of my work time has been dedicated to Jaymoe. I’ve just restructured the db into a more "social" friendly foundation. But also, as said before, it’s UI has undergone a massive makeover. (Friendly Foundation, Massive Makeover .. there’s a word for that).

Apologies for the self-serving piece. I just can’t think of much to write about Clarion and/or Development. Hopefully that will change as the dust settles at home.

Oh. Something that might help (ha ha) is a new laptop arriving next week.

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