News From the Clarion World (October 2007)

It’s been a while since I’ve put together disparate journalism on what is happening in the Clarion World.

It seems Russ (here and his blog) has been moving and shaking around, changing his company, acquiring products, and generally pimping Clarion 7. I believe he’s heading down our way (Oz) early next year for training and so forth. Should be interesting to see how the release of Clarion 7 pans out, hopefully it will be here by that time. Kudos to Russ on his revitalised direction!

There’s been little excitement on the newsgroups, that I could ascertain. The usual help questions and responses.

I saw one crazy school-yard brawl. A thread about Clarion Jobs and the number of Clarion Devs looking for work was the topic of much angst. Robert Paresi (his new look site) asked what I thought came across as a pretty innocuous simple question about the quoted number of Clarion Devs looking for work.

Bam. Flame On as Johnny Storm would say.

Of course, anyone who’s read the newsgroups before knows well the antagonism between particular individuals. So any question or answer will be read with intent to fire up. From any of the factions that exist.

Factions. Like the Horde and Alliance. FOR THE HORDE!

I’ve got a pretty cool solution for the Community.

Let’s not BAIT and let’s not BITE.

Do not Bait, and do not Bite.

This post is only a little bit of bait, in as much as any blog is

Really, there is plenty of other stuff that’s happened. More products are being released all the time.

  • There’s a fantastic looking Full Record 2.0 from Huenuleufu Development.
  • Gary has released JMedia, a control for playing media files that has no need for the Window Media Player OCX .. nice!
  • AWDebugger (was released a while ago I think), which I really think looks cool, but haven’t got around to using yet.
  • And from the team at Capesoft, we have RightReports. From what I’ve heard, it’s fantastic. Easy to use, as is customary for Capesoft products, and with the best Support around! A pity they hail from the place that should have lost to the Wallabies in the World Cup final. [ crying, Stu turns away ]
  • And more .. much more, but I’m skimming .. apologies for anything that’s not here, but I hardly think I’m any kind of good list collator .. ClarionMag is a far more comprehensive News site.

Yes. The weeping continues. Every time I remember that fateful game against the Poms. No. I’ll be strong. No crying.

More than anything, it seems the world is waiting for more news about Clarion.

I’m off to write a boring post on baiting and .. biting. Hmmm.

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