A Not-Rant About Snowballs and Clarion

The second of Bob’s recent postings (here) runs through a number of reasons _why_ .Net is teh awesome.

A lot of these ideas get me pretty excited. I’m sure a lot of this stuff could be argued away, that we can already do it, that blah blah blah. But you know, I’m happy for someone else to think about these things and tell me, and develop a tool that’ll do the job with relative ease for me.

That’s cool.

The bell is about to toll. It tolls for thee Grossbard!


What I mean is, that Bob and the rest of the team must be feeling the pressure. Obviously, with these posts, .Net is nearing some kind of release, and although it could still be a while away, we are being geared up.

This is good and bad.

Good, because movement is there. Things are happening.

Bad, because it’s still, again, half-assed. This isn’t a proper snowball. I want something big, something huge. Rolling down the mountain, taking out not just trees, but entire forests and cities, leaving destruction and chaos in it’s wake!

That’s pimping!

This new product does sound like something amazing. So where is Clarion in the world wide press? The software development blogs? The reviewing sites, news sites, other blog sites? Underground, overground, wombling free.

I know organising this kind of vehicle (the above mentioned snowball) takes time and resources. I just see it as more important than NOT.

This is, by the way, not a rant. I have the greatest respect for Bob and Bob and the rest of the team. They are doing a massive work. They are doing a work that for the most part, is battered and whined about and taken apart. The nature of making stuff with an existing audience I would think.

But this is born out of some frustration. It’s like the frustration I feel when remembering my talk at the Aussie Dev Con. You know, I got one email back (I guess that’s more than a one percent success rate, technically, heh heh). And this from a guy who doesn’t even have me on his list of clarion websites. Granted, I’m no ClarionMag, but still. Phew. Breathe. Seems to be some latent aggression building.

One of my great failings is this: If I get no results, I move on. It’s hard to continue, month in and out, when after imploring some involvement from others, there is nothing.

Of course, another great failing is my selfishness. There _are_ others doing good work in the community.

It’s just, I had so many cool plans. Even if most of them sucked in reality, it’s very frustrating that not a one of them has come to fruition.

So why am I whining? Probably because sometimes whining gets a response. But also, I’ve moved on.

As a friend once encouraged me, I’m pursuing my dreams.

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