Desert Post

I know, I just said the blog will be changing. But not yet.

Dan pointed me to the following sites. Warning! You may experiencing a "What The" moment in duality.

So we have a post office underwater. And we have one at the precipice of a volcano. I’m wondering where you could go next.

The desert is an obvious choice. But not really all that cool. There are most probably Desert Postal services anyway. Scratch.

You have to think of somewhere that is a stupidly stupid place to put a postbox. Like 100 meters in the air.

The Air-Box. It’s for gliders, planes, and low-flying supermen.

I guess, next .. it’s the Underground-Box. Here you have to actually mine through the dirt to get there. Or take the cart. It’s for miners, canaries and Drow.

So we’ve covered Earth, Sea, Land and Sky. What else is there? Fire. Fire comes to mind. But the volcano took that. What else?

I guess you start wandering into wierd territory. A postbox on top of the Harbour Bridge. Not within normal walking range. One at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Just because you can.

Where next? Space is my bet. You can’t get any more braggier than that.

NASA is my postal service.

Of course, the problem with that is receiving mail. Sure, you could send it. It would leave your hand, although from there the balls in the air. But receiving. There would have to be others of like mind. Others willing to go that far.

It would work if aliens were real. Zoidberg! Where are thou?

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