Five Cool Games


Now, these games aren’t AWESOME. Well, not all of them. But they are good enough.

In certain aspects I find them as much fun as Bioshock or Half-Life 2 .. in fact _more_ fun at times. Course, I’m an RPG man at heart. Always have been. Always will. I think Tolkein is to blame, along with Salvatore creating Drizzt, Jordan with his world, and GRRM with .. well, with every word written in the ASOIAF epics.

Heroes V Gold

This is a keeper. Definately gotten better with the expansions and patches. Lots of fun. Takes me back to old school Heroes 2 days.

You need a fairly decent pc to run it properly though.

Hellgate London

This is a cool game. I’m not going to say anything that hasn’t been bashed around half a hundred times on the web since it was released. There are some problems, chief amongst them being it’s lack of setting change.

Also, I think there is something about the Tolkein Fantasy that makes for global access. Diablo had the medieval thing going on. Cane. Tristram. Then the different Acts. Mmmm, { slips into a daze, drool running down the corner of his mouth }.

The Witcher

This is a different game. Combat is fun, story is engaging. Characters are well done, so far. Of course, as is talked about in every review, sex is more prevalent than usual. It’s something that’s encouraged by the game. It’s something to be aware of. I’m not making any judgement calls here, I’ve played the game, so am not going to be throwing glass into any stone houses.

Gothic 3

This sucker has been out for a while. Taking all the patches, including the Community Patch, makes the game a good bit of fun.

What I liked about it was that I could roam around for ages, fps style, and just take pot shots at stuff. Course, got absolutely smashed a few times, but that was part of the experience. Pity the development team got ousted by the publisher. Stupid politics with the stupid politics.

Neverwinter Nights 2

Haven’t really put much time into this one. Probably will fire it back up on a rainy day, in twenty years time when the kids are all at school. Heh.

So there you go. Lean and mean. This post was actually meant to be long enough to take away from the Song posts, so they didn’t look too "self pimpish". Soon enough they’ll be gone from the frontpage.

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