Conchords and Phones

flightconchords-001Flight of the Conchords are .. "buy it if you find it" stuff. Took a day of watching a couple of their songs with a "they’re okay" shrug before the awesomeness hit.

Very very cool. Very. Funny as. When you hear stuff like "Love is like a roll of tape ..", and see the film clip in your head, that’s gold. Ha ha, it’s already created so many little catchphrases we use in normal conversation, and it’s only been a week since first watching.


1741241My phone recently decided the speaker wasn’t good enough, and so I hooked up with a new one.


It’s a pretty cool one, nice camera, has apparently 8 Gig of space, and has the biggest screen i’ve ever owned on a phone. Which probably wasn’t that hard.

We just tonight got back from 7 days away, driving 10/12 hours down to and back from a lovely little city called Melbourne. If the opportunity knocked, I’d think very seriously about moving down there.


This thing made the deepest notes I’ve heard in a long time. Crazy deep, vibrating the pews at the wedding. Crazy. Very cool. Good to sing along with.

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