"All Hail Clarion" (A Big Announcement)


[EDIT, 19/01/2008]

Read Bob’s post first. Then this one will probably make more sense. Again, read this .. http://www.softvelocity.net/community/blogs/clarion_news/archive/2008/01/18/2279.aspx

It has long been my desire (and for regular readers this is not a new piece of information) that Clarion would take it’s rightful place in the software development community alongside the major players.

With this in mind, Soft Velocity and I are embarking on a new (ad)venture. I will be taking on the role of Tech Evangelist for Clarion.

[EDIT, 19/01/2008]

I need to clarify.

The Tech Evangelist role can be summarised as:

1. Mediate between the Community and Soft Velocity, voicing concerns and
delivering purpose. This will bring strength to the community.

2. Promote Clarion to the wider development community, through a variety of
means. This will bring growth to the community.

There is a huge opportunity for the strengthening and growth of our community. I’m sure we all look forward to this happening.

So here’s to a future where Clarion rules supreme across the universe. All hail Clarion!

{ cue the Clarion Love Song }

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