Big Body Build

A new build of Clarion .Net has been released.

Wow. There’s a lot to the patch notes. Nice work!

There are some issues with the new build, dictionary problems in the main it seems. This is the first build where the dictionary functionality is quite full featured. From the Readme,

enable the dictionary editor so that you can now add, change and delete all items in a dictionary

It’s a good step forward in terms of bulk work. I like the amount of stuff in this build.

Robert Paresi has raised some valid points on the newsgroups in the last few days. There was a particularly good (not crazy arguing, just solid good) discussion going on as to the benefits of Appearance and the benefits of Functionality, and where those two mesh (or don’t) together.

The new site is around the corner. I know I keep saying this. But it is. I’m just not sure which corner. But it’s more along than last time.

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