Something New At Microsoft

I don’t normally pimp other stuff. Wait. That’s not right. I DO normally pimp other stuff.

A guy I give a fair bit of reading time too is Scoble. He’s posted about a new project at Microsoft here. It sounds pretty exciting, but I’m a hype-monkey, so go see for yourself.

Course, there’s nothing concrete there, because he’s under some kind of Cone of Silence. Man that was a cool invention, how much fun would it be to have one in your office, and pretend to be the chief and Max.

Personally I’m also excited about the next few months Clarion-wise. Some of my projects are coming to fruition, and one will be completed (according to the milestones which are never wrong). I’ve not had an actual completed project in a fair while. Saying that I realise completed is a hard category to obtain.

Nevertheless, it is an exciting time. There’s a lot, a LOT, of cool stuff happening throughout the dev world, and I hope Clarion will be some of that.

Clarion raised me and I turned out Clarion (I just used this homer quote in a forum, but it’s so good I’ll use it again).

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