SoftDefense, Industrial-Strength Security from Lansrad

Charles and his gang, who don’t seem to feel the need for sleep, have released SoftDefense.


Using State-of-the-art Code Obfuscation techniques and Dynamic Runtime DLL loading, SoftDefense gives you the ability to render your Armadillo related code virtually invisible to Hackers.

SoftDefense leverages Clarion’s own ability to write code to overcome the near impossible task of using these advanced obfuscation techniques at such a high level.

On the newsgroups Charles has already answered a few questions.

Here’s one of them:

How would you compare armadillo-softdefense to secwin please (IF they are comparable) as far as licencing only is concerned ?

Here’s an excerpt from Charles’ answer that I found pretty cool.

My new PageSnip product is about to be sold on Amazon alongside the other software there.  To be able to facilitate this with the company that will actually put it there I simply provide them an Armadillo encryption key and they generate permanent codes that ship with the orders.

Armadillo then, will make the sales process easier in some "Wider World" situations.

Charles wraps up the question with this:

But again – all these points aside, it really all depends on what works best for you and where your comfort level lies.

SoftDefense looks exciting. Security is an important issue in Software Development. Don’t get caught out.

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