Topspeed File Size Limit

Jorge opened up the discussion with the following post:

2 Gb is a bit small for today standards…\r\nAny chance or plan to improve the file format to increse this limit?

There are a number of differing answers, although most people were in agree-ence that 2GB is getting crazy big anyway. A move to SQL is more appropriate at that stage.

Some of the answers were:

1. SV increased the number of records to 4GB-ish (?) but didn’t increase the table addressable size.

2. The 2GB limit is based on the use of a Signed Long for it’s internal system index.

3. The way the TPS driver handles record locking would mean a change in file format to increase past 2GB. This would mean it would only work on NTFS file systems.

I would think that, as said above, if you are getting to the stage where your files are that big .. take 6 months to change over to SQL (a far more stable arena for large amounts of data). That, or sell your system and start again with something new.

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