A Truly Remarkable Blog

I don’t regularly follow a lot of blogs. And I’ve dropped off most of the ones I used to follow, apart from a glance through my Netvibes every other while.

Shamus Young started his blog (Twenty-Sided) to speak forth his Table-Top D&D experiences in 2005. Scouring through his blog (as I’ve done over the past couple of weeks) is fascinating. His writing seems to ring a bell/cord/something within me, so that I keep reading, post after post.

One of the truly remarkable elements of Shamus’ blog is the way he puts the "reference your own posts" rule into practice. To see this, read a very recent post of his, Bioshock: DRM Forever. Notice the links back to previous posts on Twenty-Sided. Very cool.

For me, a big appeal of Shamus’ blog is the aesthetic appeal. I really like the layout, the way colors are used. I”m no designer, but I know what I like.

So Shamus, if you read this .. kudos! Please continue your excellent blogging. I look forward to many more of your provoking thoughts on gaming, amongst other things :).

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