Aussie Devcon 2008, Why I Love Community

Here is what I love about Devcons:


You find awesome people.

The SV sessions have been fantastic. Like previously mentioned, they put a huge amount of diligent work into preparation and then delivery. Fantastic.

However, as good (different) has been the "business practices" focussed talks. We’re a little way into Kim Davies‘ talk, Michael Summons having gone previously.


I tells you, this is amazing stuff. Michael just blew me away. The guy has such a clear grasp on the Full Spectrum of Business. How to get stuff done .. really done. Not hobby-ist, and not Throw-A-Million-Dollars-At-It either.

Michael talked about discipline, putting into place good practices, adjusting those practices when they need it, when they might not work. Being _proactive_ not _reactive_.


It’s stuff you’ve probably heard before. For me, it was an amazing half hour.

And Kim is walking in the same steps :) .. but honing in on the Marketing. Very cool. I’ll have more later.

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