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I’ve been playing a fair bit of Mass Effect lately, the PC Version.


It’s good. The story is good, although I seem to like Planescape’s more. This might be because it’s a fantasy setting. It’s probably because Planescape has been the apple of my game-eye for so many years now.

The shooter side of things is fun. I’m not a shooter fan so much. I don’t slide through those games with effortless ease. But it’s good. I like it.

Still, something in me yearns for another Planescape, another Baldur’s, another Ultima (the good ones, you know who you are).

Starting out, I had trouble using SLI. Big trouble. Like huge slow down. Switching it off gave me great frame rates. Of course, I had neglected to update my drivers since about November last year. Bad mojo.

So with a flurry, the drivers were upgraded (thanks to LaptopVideo2Go) and we were away.

Man alive! I mean .. Mass Effect! Awesome. I can play on full settings, and nary a slowdown to be seen (except for that treacherous Council place). It’s a lot of fun looking at things the way they were meant to be dreamt of (heh heh). Makes me not so eager to lash out for the 8800 upgrade that’s on the cards.

Over the last few months I’ve managed to find some really cool blogs. Good gaming blogs mostly, but other stuff too.

For a while now, in these blogs, Depths of Peril keeps getting kudos. So after a few hours playing the demo .. what can I say but BUY!

This gives me an idea. What about a place you can go .. and the opinionated author gives you a "BUY" or "DO NOT GO NEAR" rating on games.


I’ll probably have more thoughts on it soon. In fact, I’ll have more thoughts on other particles of life soon too no doubt. Need to get back into the Stu Talks.

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