New Clarion Beta Versions

Looks like the SV crew have released a new build of Clarion 7 (and probably .Net, although I haven’t got the email yet).

There are new Dictionary features, Win32 RTL and a few IDE enhancements, plus a bunch of fixes. No AppGen yet .. I am sure the entire world will hear the echoes of rejoicing and whining in one when the AppGen is released.

Thanks SV for releasing a new build.

Striking When The Iron Is Cold (Depths of Peril)

Depths of Peril is a great game.


I started a few characters, and then settled on the Rogue. I was blazing along, and after a while, started wiping out the other Covenants in town.

The iron was hot. I smashed em all, except one. Not sure why I left this sucker alone, but I was so far ahead in the ranking that it didn’t seem a problem.

Now, they are so far ahead of me that I’m not sure if I can do better.

The moral of this story? Strike! Don’t worry about making the game longer than it is. Characters carry onwards into new games.

Also, don’t name your female Rogue "Abel".

What Is Living?

I pretty much loathe shows like 60 minutes (at least, the aussie version).

But tonight, I flipped channels and saw bears. Big Black and Grizzly Bears.

The story was of a man named Charlie Vandergaw.

This is what the man who made his home as a hunter of bears, and then was transformed into a friend of bears, said (paraphrase).

You call working in an office till your 70 a life? If I can have enjoyment from building my home out here, if I can do this .. This is living. The other is merely existing.

It was a pretty awesome segment. At least, the guy and the bears were. Didn’t think much of the reporter (Liam Bartlett). At times he seemed disdainful of Charlie, but his demeanor could have been explained because he also seemed to be packing his dacks constantly. I understand bears can rip you apart .. ahhh, but anyway. I digress.

Charlie the Bear Man made another very clear point. A few years back, a man who was the defender of bears, who went and camped out in the wild, doing Steve Irwin stuff, was killed. Eaten alive by bears.

Charlie, the old (not so much) man who is alive today, said that what he does (from within sight of his house, and has done for many many years) is as different as night and day to the bear naturalist.

The bear naturalist went into the wild, he invaded the territory of the bears. What Charlie does, has done, is establish his own territory. He was a hunter. And one day, at his (the very same) house, a bear approached, crawling on it’s belly. From there, this amazing story of relationships between man and beast took off.

Here’s the google search for Charlie. Currently the channel Nine website doesn’t have a story transcript up, but here’s the link for if it does.

After a big weekend, I found this man, Charlie, and his story very refreshing. Thought I’d share it.

Devcon News On ClarionMag

I’m enjoying Devcon. I’ll have a bit to say afterwards, when there’s been time to collate thoughts etc, but let me just say this:

Geoff Spillane deserves HUGE kudos. The amount of work he has done is huge. Getting together the conference, the Training (arm-twisting the SV guys a month out to get everything ready), getting 3 (3!) SV guys here. Just awesome.


We did have a little bit of an issue yesterday though. Bob Foreman had to do the last half of his session in darkness and non-electricity! It’s wierd walking down the main street of a small country town in complete and almost-utter darkness. Course, there was the noise and lights of a pub to guide the way, heh heh.

Here’s a couple of links to Clarion Mag for information. Here for some live news, and here is the category for the Aussie Devcon 2008.


Also, get on Skype and add me (search for "Stu Clarionite Troubadour")! I’ll add you to the Clarion Talk channel. A great place at all times, and right now we are online.

Aussie Devcon 2008, Why I Love Community

Here is what I love about Devcons:


You find awesome people.

The SV sessions have been fantastic. Like previously mentioned, they put a huge amount of diligent work into preparation and then delivery. Fantastic.

However, as good (different) has been the "business practices" focussed talks. We’re a little way into Kim Davies‘ talk, Michael Summons having gone previously.


I tells you, this is amazing stuff. Michael just blew me away. The guy has such a clear grasp on the Full Spectrum of Business. How to get stuff done .. really done. Not hobby-ist, and not Throw-A-Million-Dollars-At-It either.

Michael talked about discipline, putting into place good practices, adjusting those practices when they need it, when they might not work. Being _proactive_ not _reactive_.


It’s stuff you’ve probably heard before. For me, it was an amazing half hour.

And Kim is walking in the same steps :) .. but honing in on the Marketing. Very cool. I’ll have more later.

A Social Media CRM (Project Dimes)

Here’s an idea.

  1. A web server where people log in with their social media details (like Twitter, or Facebook, or ..).
  2. The server doesn’t store the password, but it stores the Service (eg. Twitter) and the Username.
  3. The server pulls in the contacts from the Service, through the available API, if there is one.
  4. The Contacts then can be modified, exported, used etc. Other details can be added.
  5. To make it actually worthwhile, the server needs to go a few more steps. Using the Users details, try and find their other "presences". Their existence in other Social Media services.

It’s nothing more than a db of Contacts with relevant contextual information. That, and the logic to _find_ the relevant contextual information : ).