Output Generator (Project Dimes)

This one is so simple to understand. But would get reasonably complicated to implement.

The system (web or desktop, probably both) would take in any kind of file (doc, image, blah blah).

It would then Output to ANYTHING.

What’s the purpose of this? Let’s say you had a bunch of images, but need them in a document. How hard is it to just plonk a bunch of images into Word? Not very. But this is what it would do.

The logic would take the files you give it, examine them, and see if the output file could be a container for those files. If not, then it has some nice practical rules for dealing with things.

Let’s say you give it a Doc, and Excel sheet, and a WMV file. You feed them in. You _can_ tell it what you want back. OR you let it do it’s business.  Which is to give you back a single file with the inputted files in sequence (or however they would be moulded together, based on contextual default rules, or indeed rules of the Users making).

So the DOC and XLS and WMV files would be joined in beautiful unison into ..

Well, how would you do it?

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