AppGen Released To 3rdParty Community!

The word is out.

Right now, this very instant, people have got their grubby mitts on the Clarion 7 AppGen and are playing with it. The folk at Soft Velocity must be breathing erratically right now :)

I’ll be adding more to this post as the information comes in.


(Newest at Top)

"In a procedure with a menu tree, you can expand and contract and the tree.  This is FAR easier to use than before as there was little visual indication as to which tree node you were in.  In C7, there is no doubt."

"In C6, to get  to the global application properties, you have to press the global button on the toolbar, then press Extensions. In C7, you select the Proerties tab and then press Actions. The dialog opens near instantly."

"C7 is tough on enforcing rules. Got an invalid use of PRIVATE procedure in a 3rd party template used in it."

"At the top is the drop down list of ALL the public methods in the class I’m in right now.  I can jump right to the one I want!" (In Embeditor)

"The one thing that is going to take some getting used to is the close window buttons.  They are in different locations."

"When there are no embeds in the procedure, the prev/next filled embed buttons are disabled.  When you have one, they become enabled."

"Window designer has those nifty little alignment helpers."

"Compile and gen is significantly faster."

".. out of the box, its VERY nice."

"first feed back… the template registry loads VERY quickly!"


  • Template Registry loads very quickly.
  • Interface is sleek, modern (As expected).
  • Speed:
    • School App – Adding Global Variable, 17 seconds down to 10 seconds for a Regen and Compile.

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