Gregor Always Was A Mountain

I should have done this when I started my latest re-read of A Song Of Ice And Fire. But anyway ..

A Game Of Thrones, Sansa 2 (Chapter 30)

A Game of Thrones

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Gregor Clegane is such a massive character. From the moment he was introduced, I was intrigued. It’s the way GRRM paints him. So .. BIG.

It gets better as the story goes on. There’s a passage where GRRM talks about the tall men in the Seven Kingdoms, I think perhaps Catelyn’s pov. From my recollection, which may be wrong, it’s the Mountain who towers over all.

You know, it might be in ASOS, where Tyrion is watching the Red Viper and The Mountain go at it. Hmmm.

But in this chapter, the first time we are introduced to Clegane, it’s Sandor that gives us the best insight into his brother. I mean, the chapter’s got so much in it, this isn’t a major point, but it’s a point.

Gregor works a little off-center. Kiltered. He pushed his brother’s face into a brazier because he stole a toy. And throughout the series there isn’t any "redemption" of him. He’s not misunderstood. He’s not even like Jaime or Sandor, who have unapologetically done henious acts, but are on the road to some kind of change.

Ha ha, I guess that’s wrong though. Gregor has been changed. Anyway.

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