Poll Results: What Will You Be Using?

It’s a quick drive. You hop into the car, perhaps you’ve already got your licence, but more than likely it’s your Mum driving you. Maybe your Dad.

Oh wait, it’s not THOSE kind of results.

We held a poll here on Clarion Folk asking the question, After The New Clarions Are Released, What Will You Be Using?.


Clearly, people are looking forward to Clarion 7 (see Images #1, #2). When reading the results, it must also be remembered that the poll allowed multiple choices to be selected. I suspect that quite a few people would have selected Clarion 6, 7 and .Net. I would have.


This brought about some interesting conversation in the Non-Recorded podcast (listen to the actual podcast for details on that particularly tragedy, heh).

In a big corporation, moving code to another version can be an absolute nightmare. For example, you might have a system that consists of many dlls, over ten years old, and having had at least a dozen people working on it over it’s lifetime. There’s a reason why we call this a dinosaur. A Behemoth, and not a pretty one.

In this situation, it’s hard to imagine the effort it would take to port to a new version. On the other hand, the challenge payout would be huge. Imagine successfully porting a system like that!

31-10-2008-9-13-17-amThe last topic I’d like to cover is that of the Other results.

The first point of interest (to some of us, I mean, stats are cool for _some_ people aren’t they?) is that there are five "Clarion 5ish" results (see Image #3). Six if you count the "Plus older versions" item.

The big corporation discussion above ties directly to this.

The other point of interest is that there’s not a great deal of range. I mean, we’ve got previous versions of Clarion, VS, Windev, and Notepad.

What the?

We are limited, I’m pretty sure there are a lot more dev environments out there. I guess desktop development is in the forefront of the general community’s mind. Also, there’s the fact that only a few people voted, so this is only a small section.

I realise to, that the question was directed to the Clarion Community.

It’s a topic I’m going to go into more detail in the coming weeks. The scope of vision that exists within our community, and others.

So there you go. Thanks for reading!

Are there any other Dev Environments you would add to this?

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