Day #7 – The Day We Went Back To School

800px-bellevue-hill-scots-college-1 Do you remember what art class was like, back in primary school? Back at the beginning of primary school?

We were privileged yesterday to be a part of our second’s art class. It was pretty cool, watching the kids interact with each other, year 6 kids (the oldest in the school, they have a "helper" system there), and the teacher.

I poured paint into ice-cream buckets, washed my hands half a dozen times, carried paintings to drying racks, and tried to stop our youngest from getting covered in said paint.

250px-bioshock-rapture Other notable events included my discovery that everything in Rapture was not as I thought. Andrew Ryan was not the big bad guy. Love the story-telling that has happened in this game. It’s very cool.

Now that we’re at the tail-end of holidays, the impending return to work seems more, less-distant (how bout that gramma for you). I’ve had a fantastic week off, and am very grateful for that.

Have had an idea. To keep me writing once a day on the blog, I’m going to continue the "Day #x – Title" thing we’ve got going on here. When I miss a day, the count resets back to zero. I’ll start over again to distinguish between the holiday meme and the blog-day meme, or whatever it should be called.

Fare thee well, and happy weekend-ing for everyone!

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